• Meat industry reduces bio-diversity and drives deforestation world wide. Especially in the Amazons.

• Consumption of fish supports ocean dead zones, loss of bio-diversity and drives deforestation.

• Consumption of animal products is the biggest polluter and CO2 emitter per capita.

• Reduce your meat consumption will reduce your CO2 emissions.

• Remove meat and fish from your diet will not only drastically reduce your CO2 emissions, but it will also help return bio-diversity, create less sterile soils, decrease ocean acidification and reduce climate change.


Food for thoughts

CO2 equivalents per 100 g protein

  • PEAS – 0.4kg co2 / 100g protein
  • TOFU – 2kg co2 / 100g protein
  • CHEESE – 11kg co2 / 100g protein
  • BEEF – 50kg co2 / 100g protein

CO2 emissions from animal agriculture compared to all transport combined (cars, flights and boats)

  • ANIMAL AGRICULTURE – 7.1 Gigaton Co2 / year
  • ALL TRANSPORT – 7 Gigaton Co2 / year

Meat, aquaculture, eggs, and dairy uses 83% of the world’s farmland.

It contributes to 56 to 58% of food’s different emissions, despite providing only 37% of our protein and 18% of our calories

This land could have been used to directly provide food for humans and by doing so drastically reduce land usage (deforestation among others), increase bio-diversity, create less fertile soils, slower climate-change. 

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